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A simple wrapper for posting to slack channels

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A simple wrapper to send notifications to Slack webhooks.

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require 'slack-notifier'

notifier = Slack::Notifier.new "WEBHOOK_URL"
notifier.ping "Hello World"
# => if your webhook is setup, will message "Hello World"
# => to the default channel you set in slack

Setting Defaults

On initialization you can set default payloads by passing an options hash.

notifier = Slack::Notifier.new "WEBHOOK_URL", channel: '#default',
                                              username: 'notifier'

notifier.ping "Hello default"
# => will message "Hello default"
# => to the "#default" channel as 'notifier'

Once a notifier has been initialized, you can update the default channel and/or user.

notifier.channel  = '#default'
notifier.username = 'notifier'
notifier.ping "Hello default"
# => will message "Hello default"
# => to the "#default" channel as 'notifier'

These defaults are over-ridable for any individual ping.

notifier.channel = "#default"
notifier.ping "Hello random", channel: "#random"
# => will ping the "#random" channel


Slack requires links to be formatted a certain way, so slack-notifier will look through your message and attempt to convert any html or markdown links to slack's format before posting.

Here's what it's doing under the covers:

message = "Hello world, [check](http://example.com) it <a href='http://example.com'>out</a>"
# => "Hello world, <http://example.com|check> it <http://example.com|out>"

Additional parameters

Any key passed to the ping method is posted to the webhook endpoint. Check out the Slack webhook documentation for the available parameters.

Setting an icon:

notifier.ping "feeling spooky", icon_emoji: ":ghost:"
# or
notifier.ping "feeling chimpy", icon_url: "http://static.mailchimp.com/web/favicon.png"

Adding attachments:

a_ok_note = {
  fallback: "Everything looks peachy",
  text: "Everything looks peachy",
  color: "good"
notifier.ping "with an attachment", attachments: [a_ok_note]

Custom HTTP Client

There is a packaged default client wrapping Net::HTTP, but your HTTP needs might be a little different. In that case, you can pass in your own wrapper to handle sending the notifications. It just needs to respond to ::post with the arguments of the endpoint URI, and the payload pretty much the same as Net:HTTP.post_form.

A simple example:

module Client
  def self.post uri, opts={}
    Net::HTTP.post_form uri, opts

notifier = Slack::Notifier.new 'WEBHOOK_URL', http_client: Client


$ rspec

There is also an integration test setup to just double check pinging across the supported rubies. To run:

  1. Copy the .env-example file to .env and replace with your details.
  2. Make sure bin/test is executable
  3. then run and watch for the pings in your slack room
$ bin/test


If there is any thing you'd like to contribute or fix, please:

  • Fork the repo
  • Add tests for any new functionality
  • Make your changes
  • Verify all new &existing tests pass
  • Make a pull request


The slack-notifier gem is distributed under the MIT License.


A simple wrapper for posting to slack channels

License:MIT License


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