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RESTful API Webservice to WEKA Machine Learning Algorithms

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JGU WEKA Rest Service

RESTful API Webservice to WEKA Machine Learning Algorithms. This webservice provides an OpenRiskNet compliant REST interface to machine learning algorithms from the WEKA Java Library. This application is developed by the Institute of Computer Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. OpenRiskNet is funded by the European Commission GA 731075. WEKA is developed by the Machine Learning Group at the University of Waikato.

See Documentation, Issue Tracker and Code at GitHub.


This is an a swagger-enabled JAX-RS server. The API is in OpenAPI Specification Version 3.0.1 OpenAPI-Specification 3.0.1 The service uses the JAX-RS framework.

To run a simple local environment, please execute the following:

mvn clean package jetty:run

You can then view the full Rest API on Swagger-UI here:

To connect the server to a mongodb database you can use a standard mongo docker image pulled from docker hub:

docker pull mongo
docker run -d mongo

curl Example

POST an arff file to the WEKA BayesNet algorithm using curl:

curl  -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -H "Accept:text/x-arff" -F "file=@/yourpathtowekadata/weka-3-8-1/data/weather.nominal.arff;" -F "estimatorParams=0.5"  -F "searchAlgorithm=local.K2" -F useADTree=0 -F "estimator=SimpleEstimator" -F searchParams='-P 1 -S BAYES'



RESTful API Webservice to WEKA Machine Learning Algorithms


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