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Domains Project: World’s single largest internet domains dataset

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Welcome to Domains Project!

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World's single largest internet domains dataset

This public dataset contains freely available sorted list of internet domains.

Dataset statistics



  • 10 Million
  • 20 Million
  • 30 Million
  • 50 Million
  • 70 Million
  • 100 Million
  • 150 Million
  • 200 Million
  • 250 Million
  • 300 Million

(Wasted) Internet traffic:

  • 500TB
  • 1PB

Random facts:

  • More than 1TB of Internet traffic is just 3 Mbytes of compressed data
  • 1 million domains is just 5 Mbytes compressed
  • More than 500TB of Internet traffic is necessary to get 220 million domains (6.6TB / 1 million).
  • Only 871 Mbytes of disk space is required to store 220 million domains in compressed form
  • 1Gbit fully saturated link is good for about 2 million new domains every day
  • 8c/16t and 64 Gbytes of RAM machine is good for about 2 million new domains every day
  • 2 ISC Bind9 instances (>400 Mbytes RSS each) are required to get 2 million new domains every day
  • After reaching 9 million domains repository was switched to compressed files. Please use freely available XZ to unpack files.
  • After reaching 30 million records, files were moved to /data so repository doesn't have it's README at the very bottom.

Using dataset

Raw (unpacked and unfiltered) data may be available at https://dataset.domainsproject.org, though it is recommended to use Github repo.

This repository empoys Git LFS technology, therefore user has to use both git lfs and xz to retrieve data. Cloning procedure is as follows:

git clone https://github.com/tb0hdan/domains.git
cd domains

Data format

After unpacking, domain lists are just text files (~4.4Gb at 220 mil) with one domain per line. Sample for data/afghanistan/domain2multi-af.txt:


Search engines and crawlers


Domains Project bot

Typical user agent for Domains Project bot looks like this:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Domains Project/1.0.8; +https://domainsproject.org)

Some older versions have set to Github repo:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Domains Project/1.0.4; +https://github.com/tb0hdan/domains)

All data in this dataset is gathered using Scrapy and Colly frameworks.

Crawler code for this project is available at: Domains Crawler

Starting with version 1.0.7 Domains Crawler has robots.txt support and rate limiting. Please open issue if you experience any problems. Don't forget to include your domain.



Yacy is a great opensource search engine. Here's my post on Yacy forum: https://searchlab.eu/t/domain-list-for-easier-search-bootstrapping/231

Additional sources

List of .FR domains from AfNIC.fr

Majestic Million

Internetstiftelsen Zone Data

DNS Census 2013

bigdatanews extract from Common Crawl (circa 2012)

Common Crawl - March/April 2020


This dataset can be used for research. There are papers that cover different topics. I'm just going to leave links to them here for reference.

Re-registration and general statistics

Analysis of the Internet Domain Names Re-registration Market

Lexical analysis of malicious domains.

Detection of malicious domains through lexical analysis

Malicious Domain Names Detection Algorithm Based on Lexical Analysis and Feature Quantification

Detecting Malicious URLs Using Lexical Analysis


Domains Project: World’s single largest internet domains dataset


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