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A reference .NET application implementing an eCommerce site

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eShop Reference Application - "Northern Mountains"

A reference .NET application implementing an eCommerce web site using a services-based architecture.

eShop Reference Application architecture diagram

eShop homepage screenshot

Getting Started


  • Clone the eShop repository:
  • (Windows only) Install Visual Studio. Visual Studio contains tooling support for .NET Aspire that you will want to have. Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 Preview.
    • During installation, ensure that the following are selected:
      • ASP.NET and web development workload.
      • .NET Aspire SDK component in Individual components.
  • Install the latest .NET 8 SDK
  • On Mac/Linux (or if not using Visual Studio), install the Aspire workload with the following commands:
dotnet workload update
dotnet workload install aspire
dotnet restore eShop.Web.slnf

Running the solution


Remember to ensure that Docker is started

  • (Windows only) Run the application from Visual Studio:
  • Open the eShop.Web.slnf file in Visual Studio
  • Ensure that eShop.AppHost.csproj is your startup project
  • Hit Ctrl-F5 to launch Aspire
  • Or run the application from your terminal:
dotnet run --project src/eShop.AppHost/eShop.AppHost.csproj

then look for lines like this in the console output in order to find the URL to open the Aspire dashboard:

Now listening on: http://localhost:18848

Sample data

The sample catalog data is defined in catalog.json. Those product names, descriptions, and brand names are fictional and were generated using GPT-35-Turbo, and the corresponding product images were generated using DALL·E 3.


For more information on contributing to this repo, please read the contribution documentation and the Code of Conduct.


A reference .NET application implementing an eCommerce site

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