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ElasticSearchAuditModule is a Sitefinity module used in conjunction with the Audit Trail module. When you activate both modules, the site administrator can monitor the actions performed by the users and also the system processes by using Kibana. Actions are logged by Type, Name, TimeStamp, user performing the actions, user affected by the action, and others.

Predefined dashboards

Sitefinity has some predefined dashboards to help you start with the monitoring process. There are predefined dashboards for user permissions, content changes, and backend access. You can find the predefined dashboards in the Dashboards folder.


  • Sitefinity 7.1 or later with valid license.
  • .NET Framework 4.
  • Visual Studio 2012 or later.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 or later.
  • Kibana 3.x (Kibana 4.x does not have this functionality yet.)


Clear the NuGet cache files. To do this:

  1. In Windows Explorer, open the %localappdata%\NuGet\Cache folder.
  2. Select all files and delete them.

###Installation instructions

  1. In GitHub, open the ElasticsearchAuditLogger repository. Clone the repository on your desktop.

  2. In Visual Studio, open the solution file you just downloaded and build the solution.

  3. Open your project and copy the following .NET assemblies to the bin folder of your web application:

  • Telerik.Sitefinity.Audit.Elasticsearch.dll
  • Nest.dll
  • Elasticsearch.Net.dll
  1. Build and run your Sitefinity application.

  2. Navigate to Administration -> Modules & Services.

  3. Browse to the AuditTrail.ElasticSearch module and install it.

Custom Kibana Dashboards

Kibana comes with a built-in default Sample Dashboard for displaying information and records. You can also load additional dashboard files for custom views, either from local files, or Gist storage on GitHub.
Sitefinity has the following Kibana dashboard files shared as Gist snippets:

The custom dashboards are also included in this repository.


We'd love to get contributions from you! Take a look at the Contribution Documents to see how to get your changes merged in.

Additional resources

The following YouTube video demonstrates the Audit Trail feature and its integration with Kibana and Elasticsearch:
Sitefinity's Audit Trail module

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