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InterMine's new homepage as of 2017

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InterMine Homepage

New design for 2017.


The homepage is generated using the static site generator hugo. Install this if you want to modify the site.

Editing content:

  1. Check out the repo
  2. Go to the /content folder to change the content of pages, or the /layouts folder for aesthetic changes.
  3. If you'd like to view the site locally, run hugo server and navigate to localhost:1313. While hugo server is running, it will automatically build and refresh pages you edit, so long as there are no errors.
  4. Edit the page you're interested in. Note that folders in content which have an are list pages and will output the contents of all the other pages in the folder. Folders with (no underscore) are just single-page entries rather than list pages.
  5. Push. See deployment notes below for making your changes live.


Anything on intermine/intermine-homepage-2017 master branch will automatically be deployed to, with the help of Travis CI. The code repo for content is intermine/

The static folder

There are two files in the static folder that are only there in order to be deployed in the repo - these files are static/ and static/sample-CNAME. Do not remove them - remocing the readme will mean there is no pointer to this repo for, and removing the CNAME file will stop any content on gh-paged from pointing to Look at .travis.yml if you want to see what is done with these two files upon deployment.

Updating Publications

Publication info at is drawn from the Zotero API. To update the site's list of publications:

  1. Join our Zotero group if you haven't already.
  2. Add the publication you're looking for to our lists - make sure to put it in the correct collection folder! (Don't type it all in to the website - use the web plugin).
  3. To update the website, simply check this project out and run hugo to re-generate the publication list.
  4. Follow the deploying step above.


Many of the icons shown are from the Smashing Magazine Ballicons 3 free set.

Updating styles

If you wish to edit the layout or styles, please edit static/style.less. There is no workflow / server task for compiling the less - you will need to do this manually and check your compiled css in to the repo.

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InterMine's new homepage as of 2017

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