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Timetable Division | AUGS Division Build Status

Timetable Division and AUGS Divsion are sub-divisions of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. They together oversee operations pertaining to Academic Instructor Feedback, Content Management System, Student Coursework, Biometric Attendance and Teaching Assistantship and formalizing Student-Professor projects.

This project is live at : ,

Technology Stack

  1. NodeJS
  2. MongoDB

Setup Instructions

  1. Install NodeJS & MongoDB
  2. Install redis server
  3. Run MongoDB Instance
  4. Navigate to the project directory
  5. Create a copy of config.template.js as config.js
  6. Add the required details in config.js
  7. Run npm install
  8. Run npm start
  9. Navigate to http://localhost:3000

Grunt Details

  • Use grunt in terminal to check for linter / prettier errors
  • Use grunt fix in terminal for fixing auto-fixable linter / prettier errors

Project Structure

The project follows a portal based structure. Timetable Division provides it's services in the form of web portals which can be enabled/disabled from time to time. The current state of a portal is stored in a MongoDB collection (portals).

Portal Types

  1. Admin Portals routes/admin/portals & views/admin/portals
  2. Student Portals routes/dashboard/portals & views/dashboard/portals

User Types

  1. SuperUsers - Can access any portal in the admin area regardless of the fact that it is enabled or disabled at that time.
  2. Admins - Can only access the portals as specified by the portals array in the corresponding document in admins collection.
  3. Students - Can access the activated portals of student area.

Access Table

Superuser Admin Student
Activated Admin Portal Yes Yes (But determined by portals array) No
Deactivated Admin Portal Yes No No
Activated Student Portal No No Yes
Deactivated Student Portal No No No

Config and Views

While the general configuration is same for both of the sites, an option siteMode has been added in config file which takes two values TD and AUGSD. This option enables the selection of the folder AUGSD or TD in the views directory from which the views will be rendered.


Portals are different for TD and AUGSD.


Admin Portals
  1. control - For managing site administration (Enabling/Disabling) other portals, Add holidays for room booking, Switching users
  2. room-booking-approval - For SWD / TD to approve room booking requests
  3. room-booking-esd - For ESD to get the list of approved room bookings
  4. room-booking-faculty - For professors / staff member to initiate a room booking request
Student Portals
  1. inductions - For inducting new students to the TD team :P
  2. room-booking-student - For students to initiate a room booking request


Admin Portals
  1. control - For managing site administration (Enabling/Disabling) other portals, Add holidays for room booking, Switching users
  2. feedbacks-admin - For viewing all the feedbacks received
  3. feedbacks-prof - Shows feedback of currently logged in admin.
  4. project-allotment-prof-create - For professors to create projects
  5. project-applications - For professors to Approve / Reject project applications
  6. project-list - To Export the final CSV after the project allotment process is complete
Student Portals
  1. feedbacks-24x7 - For provding 24x7 feedback for courses
  2. feedbacks-midsem - For providing Mid-Semester feedback for courses
  3. project-allotment-student - For applying to projects offered by various departments
Under Development
  1. Online teacher Assistantship Application - (ta-app-ic, ta-application)


Several housekeeping utilities can be found in utils directory

  1. generates the Faculty JSON data from CSV for admins schema.
  2. generates the Department JSON data from CSV for admins schema.
  3. generates the JSON data from CSV for courses schema.
  4. generates the JSON data from CSV for rooms schema.
  5. generates the JSON data from CSV for students schema.
  6. mailer.js provides a method to send emails using the tokens provided in config.js.
  7. rebuildDatabase drops the existing database and creates a new one with dummy values.
  8. checkDatabase checks the database for errors in student - course - instructor mapping
  9. proj-pdf-generator directory has utilities to create and send PDFs to instructors after the project allotment process is complete

Faculty Coordinators

  1. Prof. PK Sahoo (Faculty in-charge, Timetable Division)
  2. Prof. Vasan Arunachalam (Associate Dean, AUGS Division)
  3. Dr. Runa Kumari (In-charge Software Development, Timetable Division)


  1. Sohail Rajdev
  2. Nischay Ram Mamidi
  3. Kailash Bhalaki
  4. Nishant Aggarwal
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License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:JavaScript 73.2%Language:HTML 22.1%Language:CSS 2.5%Language:Python 1.6%Language:Shell 0.6%