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FollowMe for Pepper

FollowMe is a python behaviour for letting Pepper follow you. Pepper is trying to stay about 0.5 m away from the person in his focus. The behaviour is operated through voice commands.

Oral Commands

Pepper listens to the following keywords:

  • follow
  • stop | stay


To initialize the behaviour call

follow_me_module = FollowMe(session)

The behaviour will listen to the oral commands as soon as the modul is initialized.

You can stop the behaviour by calling:



  • Pepper follows the first person found by the ALPeoplePerception service.
  • ALPeoplePerception has troubles recognizing people in bright light.
  • Pepper is slow (max. ~3 km/h)
  • The security distances within the ALMotion services have been minimized to allow Pepper to walk through doors. We can't guarantee that the object avoidance will work properly. Take care.

Example usage

In example.py you can find a basic usage of the FollowMe modul.

from time import sleep
import qi
from follow_me import FollowMe

if __name__ == "__main__":

    connection_url = "amber.local:9559"
    app = qi.Application(["--qi-url=" + connection_url])

    session = app.session

    follow_me_module = FollowMe(session)

        while True:
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print "Stopping..."


  • Ask the person to slow down if Pepper can't follow.
  • Ask person to get in front of Pepper if no one is recognized.
  • Improve behaviour if pepper loses sight to person
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