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Python client for DFIR-IRIS

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Python client

dfir_iris_client offers a Python interface to communicate with IRIS.

It relies exclusively on the API, which means output of the methods are the same as specified in the API reference.


The Python client version follows the API versions (until the patch level). Meaning for API v1.0.1, one need to install dfir_iris_client-1.0.1. Please refer to the documentation to check which version applies to your IRIS instance.


IRIS Client is now part of PyPI. You can simply install it with :

pip3 install dfir-iris-client


To build a wheel from the sources:

  1. pip3 install wheel
  2. python setup.py bdist_wheel
  3. pip3 install dist/XXX.whl


Some examples are available here.


The documentation is available in the IRIS documentation.


Python client for DFIR-IRIS

License:GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0


Language:Python 100.0%