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The official JavaScript SDK for the Eventbrite v3 API

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Eventbrite JavaScript SDK

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The official JavaScript SDK for the Eventbrite v3 API.

NOTE: This library is still in beta as we flesh out the API of the SDK.



Install via Yarn:

yarn add eventbrite

Install via NPM:

npm install --save eventbrite

Quick Usage

const eventbrite = require('eventbrite');

// Create configured Eventbrite SDK
const sdk = eventbrite({token: 'OATH_TOKEN_HERE'});

// See:
sdk.request('/users/me').then(res => {
    // handle response data

Read more on getting a token.

API Docs

Eventbrite v3 API JavaScript SDK Documentation

Target Environments

The SDK works in both the browser and Node environments. As a result, we provide multiple build targets for you to consume depending on your environment:


  • ESM - (EMCAScript modules) Everything transpiled to ES5 except for ES2015 import/export statements enabling tree shaking
  • CJS - (CommonJS) Standard format for most bundling systems including Node fully transpiled to ES5
  • UMD - (Universal module definition) Combination of EJS & AMD (asynchronous module definition) fully transpiled to ES5

Bundled distributions

If you don't have or cannot use a module system in your web app, the bundle distributions come as a single file with all of the dependencies included:


Contributions are welcome! See Contributing Guidelines for more details.

Project philosophy

We take the stability of this SDK very seriously. eventbrite follows the SemVer standard for versioning.

All updates must pass the CI build.


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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The official JavaScript SDK for the Eventbrite v3 API

License:MIT License


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