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Methodology Questions

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Just saw your video. Great stuff. I'm thinking of dabbling in this using Ruby.

After each filial generation, is it assumed a redistribution in the arena for survivors? It also seems you repopulate back to 1000 in F(n+1).

Hi @daBee, I admire the Ruby language, and hope that your Ruby experiments go well.

The code in the repository repopulates the world to the same number at the start of each generation. The population can be specified in the configuration file for each run.

The reason that the code in the repository repopulates to a constant starting number is because it produced well-behaved experimental results that were easy to describe in a YouTube video. But the code can be modified to use a different repopulation strategy for some interesting experiments.


Was tinkering around this morning and need a way of generating imagery. Looked into your solution briefly and hope to wrap around an OS level library. No gems available that I saw.

So your repopulation follows the distribution of inherited traits from the previous generation?

These models are interesting from a pops angle, code angle, and simulation angle. Well done. I'm a microbiologist that's using ImageMagick to generate yeast colony representations from Petri dish images. Then, calculations to decipher sole colonies ripe for looping.

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