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does not compile on ARM64 architecture

tigercoding56 opened this issue · comments

i thought it would be a good use for a raspberry pi with manjaro Linux currently installed on it to run this for a few days and then i could see the result but /lib/x84_64 or /bin/x84_64 or something like that was not found

maybe you could eventually add support for foreign CPU architectures

@tigercoding56 Have you tried using the Docker image instead? The README has instructions about building and running the project in a docker container.

@tigercoding56 I validated this compiles and runs just fine on a raspi using the arm-based docker image that I published to mindthegrows/biosim4: https://hub.docker.com/r/mindthegrow/biosim4/tags. If you want to know DIY without docker, you can reference the Dockerfile in this repo and install the same libs from your package manager (be aware they may have slightly different names).

My POV on this is: use whatever OS you want to, but when it comes to software, lean on docker as much as possible to give you reproducible compilation/build environments.

i should have named this issue does not compile on ARM64 architecture using codebloks IDE instead ....
i will try using docker thank you for the information

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