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System requirements

DarkElvenAngel opened this issue · comments

Just watched your video, and I'm just looking for system requirements.
What hardware is required for this to run? I see from the makefile we want an x86 64bit. How about RAM and core counts?

What specs are you using?

Thanks for sharing your code.

hey! I also wanted to reproduce the work and managed to this evening. check out #8 to see how you can run it with docker atop ubuntu. I have published images for both arm and x86 architectures: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/mindthegrow/biosim4

I managed to run it on a 4-core raspberry pi with 4g ram so you'll have no trouble with a modern laptop as far as I can tell.

I was hoping to have this run on a Raspberry Pi, I was going to try sorting the build process.

I have it running on a pi using the docker image.
docker pull mindthegrow/biosim4 will give you an image that works on the pi. consult the Dockerfile if you want to see how it is built, though one of the caveats was requiring some new packages which is why it's based on ubuntu 21.10

if you want to build it yourself without Docker, the changes to the Makefile on that PR will also be of help, it was the only thing actually blocking it working on a different architecture.

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