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A simple and fast download accelerator, written in Rust

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A simple and fast download accelerator, written in Rust

Zou is a Snatch fork by @k0pernicus. Snatch is a fast and interruptable download accelerator, written in Rust, from @k0pernicus and @Jean-Serge.

Current features

  • Simple: a command line tool to manage easily your downloads ;
  • Fast: multithreading support ;
  • Interruptable: work in progress.

NOTE: Zou is on alpha version. This version runs well on remote contents with a length known before the download (with the content-length header from the server response).


Let's build a better wget (in Rust)!


  1. Install Rust and Cargo using rustup ;
  2. You can download two versions of Zou :
  • the latest build from crates.io: cargo install zou ;
  • the last commit version from Github: cargo install --git https://github.com/k0pernicus/zou.git --branch devel ;
  1. Enjoy !


Zou 0.2.0
Zou, a simple and fast download accelerator, written in Rust.

    zou [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <url>

    -d, --debug          Active the debug mode
        --force          Assume Yes to all queries and do not prompt
    -h, --help           Prints help information
    -s, --ssl_support    Switch to an SSL client
    -V, --version        Prints version information

    -o, --output <output>         Specify the local output
    -t, --threads <threads>       Threads which can use to download


File examples


You want to contribute to Zou ? Here are a few ways you can help us out :

  • test and deploy automatically the beta and stable binaries (with Travis for example),
  • improve the documentation,
  • improve the CLI,
  • add new features (please to see our issues),
  • report bugs.

If you want to create a pull request, this is the procedure to make it great:

  • create an issue to explain the problem you encountered (except for typo),
  • fork the project,
  • create a local branch to make changes (from our devel branch),
  • test your changes,
  • create a pull request (please compare it with our devel branch),
  • explain your changes,
  • submit !

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Zou ! :-D


  • Why this fork ? Snatch has been developed when I was a R&D engineer at DernierCri - it was a "just-for-fun" project. Today, I do not work anymore in/with this startup, and I want to experiment something different.
    Zou is now a fun way to hack with Rust! :-)

  • Libraries cannot be build Please go check if you are using the latest version of rustc (stable), running rustup update.

  • fatal error: 'openssl/hmac.h' file not found If you are on a GNU/Linux distribution (like Ubuntu), please install libssl-dev. If you are on macOS, please install openssl and check your OpenSSL configuration:

brew install openssl
export OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR=`brew --prefix openssl`/include
export OPENSSL_LIB_DIR=`brew --prefix openssl`/lib
export DEP_OPENSSL_INCLUDE=`brew --prefix openssl`/include


A simple and fast download accelerator, written in Rust

License:MIT License


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