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Moving rooted templates to directories.

kylesloper opened this issue · comments

I have moved authors.njk , author.njk and tags.njk to my layouts directory and it is causing strange behaviour, is there something I need to update in order to do this.

I have also added 404.md to my pages directory and this also is causing some strange things to happen.

I moved these files purely to clean things up a little bit so if there is absolutely no way to get around this then let me know and I'll just keep the files where they are.

authors.njk, author.njk, and tags.njk are pagination templates and therefore (in this case) they need to be placed in the Eleventy root.

If you wanted to you could put them inside a data directory e.g. /authors/ or /tags/ also inside the Eleventy root.

You wouldn’t put them inside the _/layouts/includes/ directory because they aren’t includes - they are at the top level of the template hierarchy.

Again, 404.md outputs a file 404.html into the root output directory _/site/, which is where it needs to be for Netlify to pick it up and use it to display a custom 404 page when required.

I feel that it's easier for those learning 11ty to understand the nature of these files if they are kept inside the project root.

Thanks, that's really helpful to know.

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