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A template for building a simple website with the Eleventy static site generator

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kylesloper opened this issue · comments

`TemplatePassthroughManagerCopyError` was thrown
> EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Users\kyles\Desktop\moonface\_site\static\img\715580bf-9f2c-4e74-b0c5-7649f02ebfa1.webm'
Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Users\kyles\Desktop\moonface\_site\static\img\715580bf-9f2c-4e74-b0c5-7649f02ebfa1.webm'

Here is my templateformats in .eleventy.js

return {
 templateFormats: ["md", "njk", "html", "liquid", "jpg", "png", "webm", "webp", "ico", "svg", "gif"],

 // If your site lives in a different subdirectory, change this.
 // Leading or trailing slashes are all normalized away, so don’t worry about it.
 // If you don’t have a subdirectory, use "" or "/" (they do the same thing)
 // This is only used for URLs (it does not affect your file structure)
 pathPrefix: "/",

 markdownTemplateEngine: "liquid",
 htmlTemplateEngine: "njk",
 dataTemplateEngine: "njk",
 dir: {
   input: ".",
   includes: "_includes",
   data: "_data",
   output: "_site"

Windows 10

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