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Multiple authors ?

ImaCrea opened this issue · comments

Hi there;
thank you very much for your great boilerplate. I'm super new with 11ty+netlify CMS (coming from Jekyll+prose) and it looks amazing.

I see there's one author displayed on every post I create which is you. I understood it comes from metadata.json data file but how does it work if I have a multi-authors blog? Let's say there a few people with their own netlify identity who connect to the CMS and write their own post: is it possible to have their name in author then and if yes, how?

Thanks a lot

Good question!

You could potentially do something like that but you'd need to somehow connect your Eleventy output with Netlify CMS and Netlify Identity; which would bit outside the scope of this simple repo, I feel.

There has been some talk over at Netlify CMS of doing something like this, perhaps it might help you: netlify/netlify-cms#1483

For the time being though, I've added some support for multiple authors (using a folder collection), and managing them in Netlify CMS. It's basic but long overdue, so I thank you for reminding me to do this!

Hi, thanks for your answer and adding support for multiple authors through collections. Thanks I'll see how I can update my fork with your latest commits :)

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