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Personalized scripts and aliases

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Personalized scripts and aliases.


  • git clone git@github.com:danschultz/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles


  1. script/bootstrap runs brew bundle and symlinks any files to your home directory
  2. script/install runs any package/install.sh scripts
  3. Any scripts in bin will be available on your path
  4. Any package/path.sh files are loaded first and is intended to modify your path
  5. Any package/completion.sh is sourced second and is intended to setup autocompletions
  6. Any package/*.symlink will get symlinked to your home directory
  7. Any secret exports are sourced from ~/.secrets


  • Add a Brew file to install commonly used libraries, and libraries used by these scripts
  • Move aliases that are in my .bash_profile to this repo
  • Move .gitignore_global to this repo
  • Add an installer script
  • Add global git config
  • Add atom config
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Personalized scripts and aliases


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