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minimal commandline arguments processing

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cargs is a minimal commandline arguments processing library.

Obtain argument values using cargs_argv:

if (cargs_argv(&argc, &argv, "-c", val, 1024)) {
	printf("-c option provided and value is %s\n", val);
} else {
	printf("-c option not provided\n");

Obtain flags using cargs_flag:

if (cargs_flag(&argc, &argv, "-n")) {
	printf("-n flag provided\n");
} else {
	printf("-n flag not provided\n");

Bulk processing using carg_process:

CargDesc args[6] = {
   { "-a", CargsVal, "aval" },
   { "-b", CargsVal, "bval" },
   { "-c", CargsVal, "cval" },
   { "-d", CargsVal, "dval" },
   { "-v", CargsFlag },
   { NULL }

cargs_process(&argc, &argv, args);

for (i = 0; args[i].optname; i++) {
	printf("option: %s opt_val: %s %s\n", args[i].opt_name, args[i].opt_val, args[i].opt_flag ? "was set" : "");

Note that if the specified option is found in the argv list, it is removed from the list. Only the string values are returned. It is the responsibility of the client to convert strings to apropriate C types.

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minimal commandline arguments processing

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