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Live coding at Manchester Web Meetup #4

Home Page:https://www.meetup.com/Manchester-Web-Meetup/events/256037115/

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Building a Simple Virtual DOM from Scratch

Please read the article about the talk here.

Codesandbox demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/github/ycmjason-talks/2018-11-21-manc-web-meetup-4

To run

> npm install
> npm run dev

The bug

The bug that we saw in the presentation was at src/vdom/diff.js line 40. We were doing this before:

  const childPatches = [];
  for (const [oldVChild, newVChild] of zip(oldVChildren, newVChildren)) {
    childPatches.push(diff(oldVChild, newVChild));

The problem with this is we are not doing diff(newVChidlren, undefined). So diff(oldVChild, undefined) is never called. So we were missing some patches for removing the old children.

A quick fix is to replace the following lines with

  const childPatches = [];
  oldVChildren.forEach((oldVChild, i) => {
    childPatches.push(diff(oldVChild, newVChildren[i]));

This make sure we loop through all oldVChildren and add patches for removing stuff.

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Live coding at Manchester Web Meetup #4



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