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Storybook website

Storybook is the most popular UI component explorer! This is the website for https://storybook.js.org/.

Note: This is not the docs, those are located here.

🛠 Contributing

Contributions welcome! If it’s something small like grammar or punctuation, open up a pull request. If it’s a bigger change or new feature, add an issue for discussion.


  1. Feature idea or bugfix?
  2. Build new UI or tweak existing UI in Storybook first
  3. Integrate with Gatsby
  4. Ensure tests pass in Circle CI storybooks/frontpage
  5. Ensure site works and is QAed via Netlify previews
  6. Ensure no visual bugs in Chromatic storybooks/frontpage
  7. Pull request

Running the project locally

📕 Storybook instructions

The Storybook for Storybook contains every UI component. The UI is built following Component-Driven Development, a process that builds UIs from the “bottom up” starting with components and ending with screens. That means contributors should compose UIs in Storybook before integration with the Gatsby app.

  1. yarn install
  2. yarn build
  3. yarn run storybook

Gatsby instructions

Gatsby is used for basic routing and static site generation.

  1. yarn start


This project uses these tools to make our job easier.

💫 Deploys by Netlify

Master and branches are automatically deployed by Netlify every commit.

🖼 Visual testing by Chromatic

All stories in the Storybook are automatically visual tested on desktop and mobile each commit. Ensure all baselines are accepted before merging.

🚦 Continuous integration by Circle CI

Every build a test suite runs. Ensure there are no errors before merging.


License:MIT License


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