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The freeCodeCamp community is building a massive, searchable "Guide".

This reference tool will eventually include thousands of articles that cover all areas of development, design, and data science—all written to be easily understood by people new to coding.

This repo is where we plan and maintain these Guide articles, which we then host on our community's wiki-like Guide website at guide.freecodecamp.org.

What are Guide articles?

The Guide articles aim to be short articles to get you started and familiar with these concepts before going on to read more in-depth material.

Guide articles can be an explanation of a syntax, design pattern, what aria labels are for, or something like what the numbers mean in the top right-hand corner of your screen when at freecodecamp.org.

You can find an example article about HTML Elements here.

What can I write an article about?

Front-end development (adjective form with a dash) is when you are working on the front end (noun form with no dash). The same goes with the back end, full stack, and many other compound terms.

We welcome your help writing these articles. You don't have to be an expert in a topic to write about it—this entire Guide is open source, so even if you make a mistake, another contributor will eventually correct it.

To help, find a stub article on our Guide website, write the article, then open a pull request (PR) to replace the stub with your article. A pull request is how you'll suggest changes. It lets others know about your changes, review them and adopt them.

If you can't find a stub about the topic you'd like to write about, you can open a PR that creates the stub and includes your draft article.

Feel free to ask us questions in Gitter if you're not sure where to put a new article in the directory structure.

Before you begin writing, make sure to read the article style guide outlined in CONTRIBUTING.md.


  1. 🍴 Fork this repo
  2. 👀️ Follow the contributing guidelines outlined in CONTRIBUTING.md.
  3. 🔧 Make some awesome changes!
  4. 👉 Make a pull request
  5. 🎉 Get your pull request approved—success!

Or just create an issue—any little bit of help counts! 😊


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A collection of easy-to-understand guides to programming tools


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