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json incremental digger

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Json Incremental Digger

It's a very simple tool.
You can drill down JSON interactively by using filtering queries like jq.

Suggestion and Auto completion of this tool will provide you a very comfortable JSON drill down.




With homebrew (for Mac)

brew install jid

Simply use "jid" command

If you simply want to use jid command, please download binary from below.


go get -u


Quick start

simple json example

Please execute the below command.

echo '{"aa":"2AA2","bb":{"aaa":[123,"cccc",[1,2]],"c":321}}'| jid

then, jid will be running.

You can dig JSON data incrementally.

When you enter[2], you will see the following.


Then, you press Enter key and output [1,2] and exit.

simple json example2

This json is used by demo section.

echo '{"info":{"date":"2016-10-23","version":1.0},"users":[{"name":"simeji","uri":"","id":1},{"name":"simeji2","uri":"","id":2},{"name":"simeji3","uri":"","id":3}],"userCount":3}}'|jid

With a initial query

First argument of jid is initial query. (Use JSON same as Demo)


with curl

Sample for using RDAP data.

curl -s | jid

Load JSON from a file

jid < file.json


key description
TAB / CTRL + I Show available items and choice them
CTRL + W Delete from the cursor to the start of the word
CTRL + U Delete whole query
CTRL + F / Right Arrow (➡️) Move cursor a character to the right
CTRL + B / Left Arrow (⬅️) Move cursor a character to the left
CTRL + A To the first character of the 'Filter'
CTRL + E To the end of the 'Filter'
CTRL + J Scroll json buffer 1 line downwards
CTRL + K Scroll json buffer 1 line upwards
CTRL + L Change view mode whole json or keys (only object)


First argument: Initial query

-q : Print query (for jq)

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json incremental digger

License:MIT License


Language:Go 100.0%