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HTTP Wrapper for U^2-Net (Qin et al, Pattern Recognition 2020)

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U2Net is accepted by Pattern Recognition 2020 not CVPR 2020.

xuebinqin opened this issue · comments

Hi, Cyril,

I am the author of BASNet and U2Net. You AR CUT and PASTE project is fantastic. We are very glad that our model is used in your project. Just one thing to mention that the U^2Net paper is accepted in Patter Recognition 2020 not CVPR 2020.

Best wishes,

Dear Xuebin,

First of all thank you so much for this incredible work and for sharing the code and model. The quality of the results is nothing short of astonishing.

Apologies for this overlook and mistake, I will fix this wherever I mentioned CVPR right now!


Done! Please let me know if you see the mistake anywhere else.

Oh that's right. It's fixed now!


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