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A little x64 windows application that streams kinect tracking datas via websocket

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kinect2-socket is a little x64 windows desktop application that streams KinectV2 body tracking datas using websocket and a simple JSON protocol

It mostly intented to be used with its counterpart javascript client library kinect2-socket-client

Made with OpenFrameworks


features :

current :

* skeleton tracking data streaming for up to 6 people at ~30hz
* 25 joints per person
* hand states
* 3D and 2D debug views
* ground plane detection

to be implemented :

* send skeleton position relative to ground plane
* gesture detection :
    - jump
    - hand raised
    - hand wave
    - arms flap
    - claps
* feature detection :
    - size
    - clothes colors
* audio detection


kinect datas are streamed via websocket at ~30hz on port 9092

        bodies : [
        	"id" : int             // tracking id
        	"leftHandState" : int  // left hand state (unknown|nottracked|open|closed|lasso)
        	"rightHandState" : int // right hand state (unknown|nottracked|open|closed|lasso)
            "joints" : [            // array of joints positions {x,y,z}
                    "x" : float
                    "y" : float
                    "z" : float

how to receive datas (coffeescript example) :

 socket = new WebSocket 'ws://localhost:9092'
 socket.onmessage = (msg) =>
    console.log Json.parse(


Setting up compilation for this module is fairly complicated for now as it's using a few experimental libraries forks (VS2013 64bits OF, custom ofxKinectForWindows2, custom ofxLibwebsockets) so you're greatly encouraged to use the latest release binary instead.

In order to compile, the OF and extras addons paths must be added to visual studio properties :



dependencies :

  • ofxKinectForWindows2
  • ofxLibwebsockets
  • ofxUI

thanks to :

  • most progress on this was made during a project with
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A little x64 windows application that streams kinect tracking datas via websocket


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