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Egg Hunt (Easter Eggs = Scavenger Hunt through our assorted documentations)

tippi-fifestarr opened this issue · comments

I'd like to spend one pomodoro of time making a scavenger hunt through our assorted documents.

the plan would be:
0. set up access control to anyone can comment, but limited editing for us

  1. structure it so there are two types of experience
    ---a: "scan through (this link) and find one sentence or phrase that you imagine (currentBirdName) would like, or press X for '(currentBirdName) does not like this document' = return false"
    --------i: optional: which bird do you think wrote this document, or is most represented in this document, or another way to say it is: which bird wrote most of this document?
    ---b: "here is a list of links to different documents in our scavenger hunt (maybe these are at x,y points on a MainMap), go find evidence of (currentBirdName)'s influence or mark the document as (!) missing proof that (currentBirdName) spent time on it."
  2. this could fit the functional requirements for Phase 0.5 (be the entire tutorial minigames)
  3. imply that using create issues and communicating on github should be a functional requirement for completing the tutorial and playing in PvP (mission 0 being reach team consensus on roles and project title as defined as having created a github repo and added all the players)

reply (with emojis?) to this to confirm this as a valuable mission for our MVP as defined by this important video that I sent you before.

image description: two pyramids, one representing the 'right way to build an mvp", which is slicing through all 4 of the categories: which are (in order from top of pyramid to bottom) delightful, usable, valuable, feasible.
does this work order of 1 pomodoro definately advance our project in any or all of these 4 categories?

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