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Use RPGMaker & Javascript to create the application

tippi-fifestarr opened this issue · comments

To assist in Rapid Application Development, I have downloaded RPGMaker MZ.
I'm not sure how to split our work up on this project anymore until we find a reliable way to async communicate.

This is what I mocked up in Scratch.
Now that I think about it, which of the features that I have present in this prototype are important for good UX in the final page?

To keep all the front-ends together in a single application, not sure if RPGMaker can do what we want (if it uses .js we can connect to Moralis, right?), but tomorrow I will start in there unless I hear something from you. Discordian suggested that as the best way to make it quickly.

I do remember that our ideal is a SPA website.

The way that this can work for a step by step tutorial is a chain of pixelpeople, talk to each one and complete various questions and quests to get items in game, and at the end, use an event to trigger a custom javascript call to Moralis authenticating blockchain wallet.

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