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Smart Contracts for 1w33k project

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Someone who just spent hours working on something for fun for this Potentially Pointless Project may not want to put much time into writing documentation, which has only ~55% chance of improving your teammate's ability to access, understand, and react to your hard work.

By creating a document that shows any attempt and helping people know what to do, you are protected from a penalty -1 documentation points.


  • Use Brownie to deploy

protected from a penalty -1 documentation points does not mean you are protected from lovingly administered teasing and the creation of an educational moment, thanks to Wingbird Tippi Fifestarr. image

isPenaltyProtected(true) != isNotAnIssueNeedingWorkBySomeone(true) // != *(does not mean)*

If you are embarrassed, feel free to reject this merge.

Clean Project Rules: Before the final project is hashed into a IPFS++ Project Blob saved on either Web3.Storage or NFT.Storage, any penalties will be saved into /documentation/

why cromewar made 1w33k-smartContracts

Peter wanted an alternative to Poap, so this project is an example about how to use the NTT and mint the badges.

I don't think I have any pretentions, this project is just s showcase about how to implement the same solution using another standard.

I'll expect you to see this just as a reference of an alternative, that's all.


  1. since you are not added as collaborators, fork this repo
  2. git clone the repo onto your local machine
  3. use Brownie to deploy
  4. then what?

Next Steps

Can we share this to wellnessDAO? They are currently working on a way to reward certain attendees of their Discord Sound Bath event, I recommended a POAP but they want to teach people about NFTs, so I guess this doesn't do that, unless we make a public and free educational experience/Spanish language demo YouTube video of it (and I get paid to translate to English) and explain how they or we could use it, and what the difference between NFT, NTT, and POAP is.

WellnessDAO does not want to incur ANY COST to their members in order to recieve their gift, and as such it is +1 gift points for them, if they manage a POAP or NTT or NFT airdrop.

Thank you

Thanks to Cromewar for doing this for us all to learn from Thanks to Peter for wanting an alternative to POAP Thanks to Shucks for assembling that Google Doc (insert link here) Thanks to Leo for making the whole front-end by himself and figuring out how to connect to these smart contracts for our project Thanks to Tippi's Parents :D

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Smart Contracts for 1w33k project


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