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Batch-mode shadowhammer MAC address checker

Kaspersky recently discovered and analysed the 'Shadowhammer' attack ( They did some great analysis and released a tool for sysadmins to use to determine if their systems were targetted. The released tools, however, weren't very easily scriptable, so we have created this small python script to fix that. We've taken the hashes from Kaspersky's own tool and wrapped them up in a nice commandline Python interface (which can also be used offline, addressing potential privacy issues).


The tool, by default, will scan all network cards on the current system for their presence in the Shadowhammer malware:

SHADOWHAMMER MAC address checking tool from Countercept
Countercept: and
Kaspersky's analysis:
Contains hashes taken from Kaspersky's checking tool (thanks Kaspersky!)
Returns non-zero if at least one MAC address specified is targetted by SHADOWHAMMER
Checking 2 addresses..
No affected MACs detected (checked 2)

It can also accept MAC addresses via the commandline: --mac-addresses 005050613370

Or from a text file: --mac-addresses-filename toscan.txt

If scanning from a text file, addresses should be newline-delimited ASCII, like this:


You can also use colons or hyphens as delimiters in your MAC addresses.

False positives

The malware will filter on a few extremely common MAC addresses. These have been removed from the tool, as their presence does not conclusively indicate targetting. They are:

  • 0c5b8f279a64
    This is used by every single Huawei E5573 USB modem. If you have this modem, you will have this MAC address.
  • 001e101f0000
    Similarly, this is used by all Huawei HWD12 LTE modems.
  • 005056c00008
    The default address used by VMWare workstation.

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Tools related to 'shadowhammer' attack,


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