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This is a simple web application in Java and Spring Boot that tracks corona virus cases. The data source is a csv file form this

At the moment there are pages for

  • Global situation. Updated daily at 7 AM (GMT+1)
  • Evolution in Romania
  • A basic chart for global cases

The requirements are

  • Java 11 or 13 with Spring Boot
  • MySQL for saving data
  • Maven

All you need to do, is to download/clone the repo and import the project into your favourite ide and leave it to do the maven imports.

You can build the app using mvn clean install and start the app with java -jar jar_created_by_maven.jar or nohup java -jar jar_created_by_maven.jar & for running in the background.

Thank you for your interest in this app :)

The application can be viewed at this link

Statistics for Romania are in progress.
They are done! :)
I would like to thank for the apis created :D
If you like it, you can star it :D

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