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Cloud-based TP-Link Integration

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Cloud-Based TP-Link Bulb, Plug, and Switch to SmartThing Integration - BETA

Two versions of TP-Link to Smart Things Integraion now exist:

a. Hub-Based TP-Link to Smart Things Integraion: The Hub-based version that requires an always on Hub device (bridge). Attributes:

Requires user-configured (PC, Android, Raspberry) Hub with node.js and server script.
Does not require a token captured from the TP-Link cloud.
Manual device installation and setting static IP addresses.

b. Cloud-Based TP-Link to Smart Things Integraion: The new version (currently in Beta) that relies on the TP-Link Kasa cloud. Attributes:

Reliant on TP-Link cloud (and the continued availabilty of same).
Must have TP-Link account.
Simpler setup. Install Service Manager and applicable device handlers. Runs service Manager.

Cloud-Based Pre-requisites:

a. A valid TP-Link Kasa account (must have login name and password.

b. TP-Link devices installed and in 'Remote Control' mode (done in Kasa App)

Caveate: The author is not associated with the company TP-Link except as an owner/consumer of their products. All date used to create thes applets was garnered from public-domain data.


Installation instruction can be found:

a.  Top-level in the document 'Cloud TP-Link to SmartThing Installation.pdf'.
b.  In the file in the 'Service Manager' and 'Device Handlers' folders.

Cloud Beta Updates and Objectives

UPDATES (Dallas, Texas USA times uploaded to GitHub)
08-09 (1330) -  CRITICAL.  Updated Service Manager (addDevices) to correct typo causing failure
                to install of LB110 bulbs.
08-09 (0700) -  Minor.  Updated Service Manager for additional logging and limiting the automatic
                getToken to three times w/o user intervention.  Updated Installation Instructions
                to ask user to open logging and copy log if there are errors on install.
08-07 (0600) -  CRITICAL.  Fixed Service Manager code eliminating error causing installation crash.
                was only the Service Manager loaded 08-07 (1600).
08-06 (1600) -  Minor.  Varions fixes to error handling and messaging within Device Handlers and
                Service Manager.
08-06 (1400) -  Documentation:  Updated 'TP-Link SmartThings Implementation'

Objectives of Cloud Beta:

1.  Verify that all devices install appropriatly.  Open:  LB110. NEED USER INPUT!
2.  Determine actual Token life-span (done on my local copy) and update as required.
    (after one week, still open)
3.  Verify Energy Monitor functions.  Open: HS110, LB110.  NEED USER INPUT!
4.  Capture miscellaneous errors.  NEED USER INPUT!

TP-Link Devices Supported:

HS100, Hs105, HS110, HS200 - (Cloud)TP-Link_HS_Series.groovy
LB100, LB110 - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB100_110.groovy
LB120 - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB120.groovy
LB130 - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB130.groovy
HS110 with energy monitor functions - (Cloud)TP-Link_HS110_Emeter.groovy
LB110 with energy monitor functions - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB110_Emeter.groovy
LB120 with energy monitor functions - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB120_Emeter.groovy
LB130 with energy monitor functions - (Cloud)TP-Link_LB130_Emeter.groovy


Service Manager. The installation and communications application.

Device Handlers. All SmartThings device handlers. Names are clear as to device applicability.

Documentation. Design Notes, and Interface description, TP-Link Cloud Error Codes.


Cloud-based TP-Link Integration


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