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This is built with Pelican and deployed to GitHub pages with GitHub actions and previewed with Cloudflare pages.

Here's how to set up the build environment (Linux, OSX, WSL):

conda create --name pelican480 python=3.7 pelican=4.8.0 ghp-import markdown
conda activate pelican480

Then run pelican -lr to build the site and serve it at

Here's how to make those big, beautiful background images:

  • find high-def images that are wide, with artists in the center (because narrow screens crop the sides)
  • export low quality at 1950px wide, with the name slug-large.jpg
  • crop to 4:3
  • export high quality at 400px wide, with the name slug400.jpg
  • add to page with this markdown (Bannerposition is top by default)
Status: hidden
Banner: ./images/2017-2018/clancy-newman-cello-large.jpg
Bannerposition: center


:musical_keyboard: :violin: Camerata Musica website


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