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Jetpack compose causing Unit tests to fail in 2.0.0-xx

techartist opened this issue · comments

Describe the bug
Basically, we have a project that we want to migrate over to jetpack compose, so I wanted to use coil.

Including 1.4.0 works just fine, but in all versions of 2.0.0-xx, I believe that you updated the version of coroutines and therefore our existing unit tests fail when including the latest version of coil. Which I believe is 2.0.0-rc03.

Anyway in testing, advanceUntilIdle() is "no reference found" and runBlockingTests (which I realize is deprecated) does not allow for multiple dispatchers. So we had over 100 tests fail.

At the very least you could put out a warning on this.

The release notes for 2.0.0-rc03 already mention updating Coroutines to 1.6.1. For context, Coil needed to update Coroutines to 1.6.0 to use Kotlin 1.6.10, which is required by the latest version of Jetpack Compose. Coroutines 1.6.1 should be binary compatible with previous versions of Coroutines including advanceUntilIdle, which should still be present.

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