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As a Computer Science student, having deep knowledge in Algorithms and Data Structures is crucial because it helps you pass technical interviews and land jobs.

In order to understand a new data structure or algorithm, it is important to visualize the steps.

I created AlgoDOM.js so that instructors and students can use JavaScript to seamlessly generate static diagrams and animations to convey various data structures and algorithms.

Live Demo:

Get Started

  1. Download the code from this repository

  2. In your web application's .html file, include algodom.js using the following tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src='algodom.js'></script>

Third party libraries used for the website

  • Twitter Bootstrap (Used for the top navigation bar)

  • Prism JS (Used for code syntax highlighting on the 'examples' page)

  • My website's documentaton page structure is inspired by Mozilla's JavaScript documentation and Microsoft's C# documentation.



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