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Here is the source code from all of my tutorials.

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####Source Code from thenewboston Tutorials

We are in the process of adding the source code from all of the tutorials to a public GitHub repository. If anyone would like to contribute, please feel free!

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#####How to Submit Source Code

1 - Download GitHub for Windows or GitHub for Mac

2 - On the top right of this page, click "Fork". This will create a copy for you.

3 - Once your copy has been created, click “Clone in Desktop” to download and save it on your computer.

4 - From here you can make changes, add folders, add source code files, etc...

5 - When you are finished with your changes, open GitHub for Windows (or Mac)

6 - Add a commit message and click "Commit to master"

7 - Click "Sync" on the top right to save the changes to your GitHub account.

8 - On your GitHub page for that repo, you will now see a “Pull Request” link. Click it.

9 - On this page, click the “Create pull request” button.

10 - Add a comment and click “create pull request” again button to submit.


Here is the source code from all of my tutorials.


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