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lane detection







《Robust Lane Detection from Continuous Driving Scenes Using Deep Neural Networks》

《End-to-end Lane Detection through Differentiable Least-Squares Fitting》 github


《End to End Video Segmentation for Driving : Lane Detection For Autonomous Car》

《3D-LaneNet: end-to-end 3D multiple lane detection》

《Efficient Road Lane Marking Detection with Deep Learning》 DSP 2018

《Multiple Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Optimised Dense Disparity Map Estimation》 IST 2018

《LineNet: a Zoomable CNN for Crowdsourced High Definition Maps Modeling in Urban Environments》

《Real-time stereo vision-based lane detection system》

《LaneNet: Real-Time Lane Detection Networks for Autonomous Driving》

《EL-GAN: Embedding Loss Driven Generative Adversarial Networks for Lane Detection》

《Real-time Lane Marker Detection Using Template Matching with RGB-D Camera》

《Towards End-to-End Lane Detection: an Instance Segmentation Approach》 论文解读 github

《Lane Detection and Classification for Forward Collision Warning System Based on Stereo Vision》

《Advances in Vision-Based Lane Detection: Algorithms, Integration, Assessment, and Perspectives on ACP-Based Parallel Vision》

《(SCNN)Spatial As Deep: Spatial CNN for Traffic Scene Understanding》 AAAI 2018 CSDN Translator

《Lane Detection Based on Inverse Perspective Transformation and Kalman Filter》


《A review of recent advances in lane detection and departure warning system》

《Deep Learning Lane Marker Segmentation From Automatically Generated Labels》 Youtube

VPGNet: Vanishing Point Guided Network for Lane and Road Marking Detection and Recognition ICCV 2017 github

Code Detection with Deep Learning


Lane Detection with Deep Learning (Part 1)

Simple Lane Detection with OpenCV

Building a lane detection system using Python 3 and OpenCV


A Dataset for Lane Instance Segmentation in Urban Environments

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lane detection