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Taitank is a cross platform lightweight flex layout engine implemented in C++.

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Taitank Cross Platform Layout

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Taitank is a cross platform lightweight flex layout engine implemented in C++.

Taitank is now applied in 27 Tencent apps such as Mobile QQ, Mobile QQ Browser, Tencent Video App, QQ Music App,reaching hundreds of millions of ordinary users.


  • Fully supported Flex
  • Fast Layout and Low memory consumption
  • Multi platform support

Project structure

├── CMakeLists.txt                    # compiler script.
├── assets                            # assets.
├── benchmark                         # benchmark.
├── examples                          # Taitank layout examples.
├── javascript                        # wasm layout source code.
├── src                               # Taitank layout source code.
├── tests                             # Taitank layout test.
└── toolchain                         # toolchain.

Getting started

Preparing environment

  1. CMake : build Taitank layout.
  2. Android Studio with NDK: build Android so.
  3. Xcode with iOS sdk: build iOS so.
  4. emscripten: build wasm.
  5. Python: script to build Taitank layout.

Build your first libiary

Change directory to cmake to build your project.

cd cmake

Support Platforms

name description
macos Build library for macos.
linux Build library for linux.
android Build library for android.
ios Build library for ios.
browser & node Build wasm for browser and node.


For testing we rely on gtest

If you make any changes you should pass all the tests.Tests are located in the tests directory. Run the tests by ececuting

cd tests


Benchmarks are located in the benchmark directory. Run the benchmarks by ececuting

cd benchmark


Developers are welcome to contribute to Tencent's open source, and we will also give them incentives to acknowledge and thank them. Here we provide an official description of Tencent's open source contribution. Specific contribution rules for each project are formulated by the project team. Developers can choose the appropriate project and participate according to the corresponding rules. The Tencent Project Management Committee will report regularly to qualified contributors and awards will be issued by the official contact.


Taitank is Apache-2.0 licensed.


Taitank is a cross platform lightweight flex layout engine implemented in C++.



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