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Calva Extras

Makes paredit easy.


sudo npm install -g vsce
npm build
vsce package
code --install-extension calva-extras-0.0.2.vsix


  • calva-extras.killToClipboard the one true sexp command Alt+d:
    • Operates on sexps after cursor.
    • Deletes (but overwrites clipbord).
    • Cuts.
    • Copies (extra undo needed!).
  • calva-extras.killSpaceBackward aka "the new backspace":
    • Kills mutiple spaces and stops directy in the end position.
    • No more delete "space by space" timewaste.
  • calva-extras.backspacePositional aka "the new new backspace":
    • Deletes forms and spaces separately.
    • " (|)" + backspace now yields " " instead "" directly.
    • 2nd backspace needed to delete the space too

Recommended bindings: see contributes.keybindings in package.json.
If there are conflicting keybindings, set them manually in user config.


Copyright © 2019 clyfe Distributed under the MIT license.

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