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Rails Turbolinks + Angular

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Add angular-turbolinks and turbolinks to your Gemfile
gem "turbolinks"
gem "angular-turbolinks"
Add angular-route and angular-turbolinks to your sprockets
//= require angular-route
//= require angular-turbolinks
Add 'ngTurbolinks' and 'ngRoute' to your angular.module
var app = angular.module('...', [..., 'ngRoute', 'ngTurbolinks'])
Make sure HTML5 mode is enabled...
  "$locationProvider", function($locationProvider) {
Add ng-app to the html element
(optional) Broadcast angular $destroy for you to remove any global listeners (window, pending http, etc)
$(document).on('page:before-change', ->
  • This is a first stab just to try to get around the '10 $digest() iterations reached using $locationWatch' errors I was receiving when using turbolinks with angular when using the approach of re-bootstrapping the ng-app on turbolinks page:load
  • This approach uses the angular $location/$locationProvider services for click tracking and pushState, steals the $locationChangeStart event and runs the changed url through turbolinks methods
  • Does not support any of the turbolinks caching
  • Eventually im hoping angular $locationWatch can play nice with external plugins using pushState...
  • add support for turbolinks redirection logic (referer not working properly (ie. redirect_to :back))


Rails Turbolinks + Angular

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