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Terraform implementation of AKS integrated with Azure AD

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Terraform implementation of AKS integrated with Azure AD


  • An Azure Service Principal has been already provisioned with enough privileges to manage AKS and AD.
    • SP credentials are being saved in .key.json

Terraform variables

Load the following variables in your *.tfvars file:

resource_group_name = ""
location            = ""
admin_username      = ""
cluster_name        = ""
dns_prefix          = ""
aad_organization    = ""
aad_user_password   = ""

Login to Azure

Loading Azure SP variables

export CLIENT_ID=$(cat .key.json | jq -r .sp.appId)
export CLIENT_SECRET=$(cat .key.json | jq -r .sp.password)
export TENANT_ID=$(cat .key.json | jq -r .sp.tenant)

Unless the service principal has all the necessary privileges, avoid this shit and just use your regular user.

Login as the SP

az login --service-principal -u $CLIENT_ID -p $CLIENT_SECRET --tenant $TENANT_ID

Loading Azure variables for Terraform

export ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID=$(az account list | jq -r .[0].id)

Terraform vars for AKS service principal

export TF_VAR_sp_client_id=$CLIENT_ID
export TF_VAR_sp_client_secret=$CLIENT_SECRET

Connecting to Azure storage

cat < EOF >> azure.tfbackend
resource_group_name  = "<resource_group>"
storage_account_name = "<storage_account_name>"
container_name       = "tfstate"
key                  = "terraform.tfstate"

terraform init -backend-config=azure.tfbackend

Connecting to AKS

export ARM_RG=$(terraform output resource_group_name)
export ARM_CLUSTER_NAME=$(terraform output cluster_name)

# To connect to AKS as a cluster admin
az aks get-credentials --resource-group $ARM_RG --name $ARM_CLUSTER_NAME --overwrite-existing --admin  -f ./config

# To connect to AKS as a regular user
# Proper roles/rolebinding configuration had to be defined to be usable 
az aks get-credentials --resource-group $ARM_RG --name $ARM_CLUSTER_NAME --overwrite-existing


AKS, RBAC and managed AAD:

Azure terraform modules:

Creating a service principal:

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Terraform implementation of AKS integrated with Azure AD

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