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Xcode build - No code signature found

ds8k opened this issue · comments

Describe the bug
When building with Xcode installation fails with a "No code signature" error

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Build the app scratch and attempt to install to a device

Expected behavior
App installs



Unable to install "sm64ios"
Code: -402620388
User Info: {
    IDERunOperationFailingWorker = IDEInstalliPhoneLauncher;
No code signature found.

I’ve experienced this same issue before and I believe it’s a bug with Xcode not signing the app, but it could just be an issue with the build script. A workaround is to delete from your Products folder before you build (Products > (Right click) > Show in Finder… > (Right click) > Move to Trash).

Had the same issue after changing the TvOS version to 15.0
Switched it back to default (14.0) and all worked well. Now waiting for the "trying to read save data that hasn’t been created yet" fix and all should be good!
Thanks so much for your hard work!

Ya you need to delete the previous build in the Xcode->Project->Products and delete sm64tvos. I am using 15.0 as target and it runs successfully.

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