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Lesion attributes segmentation for melanoma detection with multi-task U-Net

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pretrained checkpoints

luantunez opened this issue · comments

Hello, thank you for your work!
Would you please provide the pretrained model checkpoints for inference, please?
Thank you in advance, Lucía

Hi, thanks for your interest in my work. I provided the pretrained model weights in the README. Please read the README.

Thank you for your response. Do you have a repository for your work in skin lesion classification on the ISBI 2019 challenge?

I don't have a repo for ISBI 2019. But the method in this repo can be generalized to other similar problems.

If I am getting it well this repo serves for lesion segmentation, is that right?
Do you think it can be used (or have you implemented other models) for classification of the image into different disease classes?