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Community AR9170 Linux firmware


This is the firmware for the Atheros ar9170 802.11n devices. The firmware, carl9170.fw, can be used with the carl9170 Linux driver or the tools supplied in the repository.


Build Toolchain

To build the firmware you will need an SH-2 toolchain. You can use the makefile in this repository to build your own toolchain:

# make -C toolchain

but be aware that this will take some time and requires about 3-5 GiB disk space.

Build Firmware Image

The firmware configuration and build process requires the following tools and libraries:

  • gcc 6.0+ (including library and header dependencies)

  • bison/flex

  • cmake 3.8+

to start the configuration, run:


The configuration is based on the Linux's KConfig utility CLI. For each configurable option, a prompt will appear. To choose the default/previous option simply hit <Enter>-key on your keyboard.

Install Firmware

if you want to "install" your own firmware, you can either do this manually, or by executing:

# install

This will place a copy with the right filename [adds API rev] into /lib/firmware/[the default path on most Distributions].


If you have any patches, you should write to [email protected] and include "carl9170" in the subject line.


CARL9170 Firmware Source Repository



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