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Python/Flask web app for book lovers - brings information from your library, Goodreads account, and personal reading challenges to one place.

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A python/Flask web app for book lovers. Learn more about the developer here or see Readerboard in action.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Summary and Screenshots
  2. Tech Stack
  3. MVP User Stories
  4. 2.0 and next steps
  5. Testing Coverage/Instructions
  6. Project Structure
  7. Setup Instructions

Project Summary

landing page Readerboard is a web app that gives readers a central location for tracking their reading habits and finding new books. The search feature utilizes the Goodreads API, allowing the reader to view details about a book, add it to their shelves, and write a Goodreads book review. Every book search also shows a list of friends on Goodreads who have read the book. The reader can see the book's availability at the library via the Overdrive API. Each reader can view charts containing data about their reading habits and progress on custom reading challenges. Readerboard retrieves user data from Goodreads via OAuth and relies on Chart.js to create meaningful, personalized content. book search view book detail view

Tech Stack

A full list of project dependencies can be found in requirements.txt.


  • Python
  • Flask
  • PostgreSQL


  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery


  • Goodreads
  • Overdrive

Other libraries and tools

  • SQLAlchemy
  • untangle (xml parsing)
  • Chart.js
  • rauth
  • Jinja2 templating
  • werkzeug SimpleCache

MVP User Stories

MVP Goals Status
User can login and access GR account information via OAuth. Completed
User can see the books on their shelves. Completed
User can add a book to their shelves, and changes will be reflected in their goodreads account. Completed
User can search for a book, and see if GR friends have marked it as read. Completed
User can search for a book and see it's availability as an ebook at the local library. Completed
User can see their reading challenge progress. Completed
User can add an additional reading challenge to their account. Completed
User can submit a book review. Completed
User can see data about their reading habits and history. In progress 🚧

2.0 Goals

Goal Description Status
Finish Deployment On Hold
Keep working on weird bugs within the current features In progress 🚧
Get testing coverage up to 80% In progress 🚧
Optimize the data retrieval and data update processes with celery/celerybeat On Hold
New Features
Goal Description Status
Incorporate the Overdrive Circulation API so users can check out a book or place a copy on hold from within the app On Hold
Add a "watch list" feature that alerts the user when a book added to their list drops below a specific price threshold (Will use Twilio and Amazon Product APIs for this) On Hold
convert the reading history page to React On Hold
Add more data vis with Chart.js On Hold

Testing Coverage

Unit and integration tests written with the python unittest library. Testing is still in progress.

Project Structure - Core of the flask app, lists all routes - database structure and db creation. - handles most Goodreads requests and in cases where xml is returned, parses response. - small helper functions and most Overdrive API request functions found here.

Setup Instructions

  1. install python
  2. ...
  3. profit
  • (real instructions coming soon!)


Python/Flask web app for book lovers - brings information from your library, Goodreads account, and personal reading challenges to one place.


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