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API documentation for the Oxide mod framework.

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You're going to need:

  • Ruby, version 1.9.3 or newer
  • Bundler — If Ruby is already installed, but the bundle command doesn't work, just run gem install bundler in a terminal.


  1. Fork this repository on GitHub.
  2. Clone your forked repository (not our original one) git clone
  3. Open up the Ruby command console.
  4. Type cd Oxide.Docs in the Ruby console.
  5. Install all dependencies: bundle install
  6. Start the test server: bundle exec middleman server

You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567. Whoa! That was fast!

Now that you have it all setup, you'll probably want to learn more about editing markdown.

Once you've made the changes you'd feel are needed, push them to your fork and then submit a pull request. Simple as that!

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API documentation for the Oxide mod framework.



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