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Python driver for Wappalyzer, a web application detection utility.

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Python implementation of the Wappalyzer web application detection utility.


$ pip install python-Wappalyzer

Require Python3.6 or later.


The API exposes two objects: Wappalyzer.Wappalyzer and Wappalyzer.WebPage.

>>> from Wappalyzer import Wappalyzer, WebPage

First create a WebPage. The following code creates a webpage with the request module.

>>> webpage = WebPage.new_from_url('')

Then analyze it with Wappalyzer.

>>> wappalyzer = Wappalyzer.latest()
>>> wappalyzer.analyze(webpage)
{'Docker', 'Azure CDN', 'Amazon Web Services', 'Amazon ECS'}

To download and use the latest technologies file from AliasIO/wappalyzer repository, create the Wappalyzer driver with the update=True parameter.

>>> wappalyzer = Wappalyzer.latest(update=True)

The Wappalyzer object exposes more methods that returns metatada for the detected technologies.

>>> wappalyzer.analyze_with_categories(webpage)
{'Amazon ECS': {'categories': ['IaaS']},
 'Amazon Web Services': {'categories': ['PaaS']},
 'Azure CDN': {'categories': ['CDN']},
 'Docker': {'categories': ['Containers']}}
>>> webpage = WebPage.new_from_url('')
>>> wappalyzer.analyze_with_versions_and_categories(webpage)
{'Font Awesome': {'categories': ['Font scripts'], 'versions': ['5.4.2']},
 'Google Font API': {'categories': ['Font scripts'], 'versions': []},
 'MySQL': {'categories': ['Databases'], 'versions': []},
 'Nginx': {'categories': ['Web servers', 'Reverse proxies'], 'versions': []},
 'PHP': {'categories': ['Programming languages'], 'versions': ['5.6.40']},
 'WordPress': {'categories': ['CMS', 'Blogs'], 'versions': ['5.4.2']},
 'Yoast SEO': {'categories': ['SEO'], 'versions': ['14.6.1']}}

Read the API Reference for more documentation.


Additionnaly, there is now a CLI interface. It prints the analyzer results (with metatada) as JSON.

Call it with:

python -m Wappalyzer
positional arguments:
url URL to analyze
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--update Use the latest technologies file downloaded from the internet
--user-agent USERAGENT
 Request user agent
--timeout TIMEOUT
 Request timeout
--no-verify Skip SSL cert verify

Cannot use lxml in your environment?

We provide a way to use python-Wappalyzer without lxml. This should only be used only lxml cannot be installed, the standard library DOM parser will fail on broken HTML, resulting in incomplete results.

It can be used by installing python-Wappalyzer with pip option --no-deps. Then install the required packages manually (pip install requests aiohttp cached_property dom_query pytest).

What's new

in development

  • Add support for the "dom" key in technologies JSON.
  • Fix case sensitivity of the WebPage headers.
  • Provide a fallback WebPage class that works without lxml.

python-Wappalyzer 0.4.0 (unreleased)

  • Add python -m Wappalyzer entrypoint.
  • Support list of regular expressions in technologies JSON.
  • Add auto-update feature (unstable).

python-Wappalyzer 0.3.x

  • Python 3 support.
  • Async support.
  • Add confidence and version parsing.
Last version to support Python2 was 0.2.2.


Python driver for Wappalyzer, a web application detection utility.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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