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1 CheatSheet: Well-Known Papers For IT Industry


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1.1 Papers: Distributed System

1Amazon Dynamo: HA K/V storepaper: amazon-dynamo.pdf (Original link)
2Google File Systempaper: google-gfs.pdf (Original link)
3Google MapReducepaper: google-mapreduce.pdf (Original link)
4Google Bigtable: distributed storagepaper: google-bigtable.pdf (Original link)
5Google Spanner: Globally-distributed dbpaper: google-spanner.pdf(Original link)
6Facebook Cassandra: Decentralized storagepaper: facebook-cassandra.pdf (Original link)
7Yahoo Zookeeper: Cooridnationpaper: yahoo-zookeeper.pdf (Original link)
8Yahoo Hadoop Distributed File Systempaper: yahoo-hdfs.pdf (Original link)
9Ceph: a distributed file systempaper: ceph.pdf (Original link)
10Yahoo Zab: broadcast for primary-backup systemspaper: yahoo-zab.pdf (Original link)
11Linkedin Kafka: distributed messageing systempaper: linkedin-kafka.pdf (Original link)
12Facebook tao: distributed data store for social graphpaper: facebook-tao.pdf (Original link)
13Facebook Haystack: Facebook photo storagepaper: facebook-haystack.pdf (Original link)
14Facebook Gorilla: Time Series Databasepaper: facebook-gorilla.pdf (Original link)
15Facebook unicorn: search the social graphpaper: facebook-unicorn.pdf (Original link)
16Google search enginepaper: google-search.pdf (Original link)
17Google Chubby: Lock servicepaper: google-chubby.pdf (Original link)
18Google Maglev: Google load balancerpaper: google-maglev.pdf (Original link)
19Google Andromeda: Google cloud network virtualizationpaper: google-andromeda.pdf (Original link)
20Google B4: Google SDN Networkpaper: google-b4.pdf (Original link)
21Google dapper: distributed system tracingpaper: google-dapper.pdf (Original link)
22Google Pregel: large-scale graph processingpaper: google-pregel.pdf (Original link)
23Google Borg: container orchestrationpaper: google-borg.pdf (Original link)
24Mesos: A platform for fine-grained resource sharingpaper: mesos.pdf (Original link)
25Transactions in a Distributed Key-Value Storepaper: deepakn.pdf (Original link)
26Sun NFS: network filesystempaper: sun-nfs.pdf (Original link)
27Memory management: A unified theory of garbage collectionpaper: ibm-garbagecollection.pdf (Original link)
28Amazon redis Cachepaper: amazon-redis.pdf (Original link)
29Chord: p2p lookup servicepaper: chord.pdf (Original link)
30Akamai CDN Networkpaper: akamai.pdf (Original link)
31MDCC: Multi-Data Center Consistencypaper: mddc.pdf (Original link)
32Warp: Multi-key transactions for key-value storespaper: warp.pdf (Original link)

1.2 Papers: Algorithm & Protocols

1Consistent Hashingpaper: consistent-hashing.pdf (Original link)
2Paxospaper: paxos-simple-Copy.pdf (Original link)
3Byzantine Generals Problempaper: Byzantine Generals Problem.pdf (Original link)
4Raftpaper: raft.pdf (Original link)
5Gossippaper: A gossip-style failure detection service.pdf (Original link)
6Hyerloglogpaper: hyerloglog.pdf (Original link)
7CDRTspaper: A comprehensive study of CDRTs.pdf (Original link)
8CSPpaper: Communicating Sequential Process.pdf (Original link)
9Cuckoo Hashingpaper: An Overview of Cuckoo Hashing.pdf (Original link)
10Fenwick Treepaper: Fenwick Tree.pdf (Original link)
11Epidemic Broadcast Treespaper: Epidemic Broadcast Trees.pdf (Original link)

1.3 More Resources

ReferenceGithub: papers-we-love, Website: the morning paper
ReferenceCheatSheet: System Design For Job Interview
ReferenceCheatSheet: LeetCode Common Templates & Common Code Problems

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