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A Python module to make it easy to import blaseball game data. Makes importing game data as simple as a one-liner!

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The purpose of this package is to provide blaseball game data to other packages in a way that is simple and can be done in one or two lines.

This very simple package consists of a few JSON files, each with a function that will return a string containing the contents of that JSON file.

This makes obtaining JSON data about every blaseball game as simple as:

import json
import blaseball_core_game_data as gd

# Get games data in a Python dictionary
games = json.loads(gd.get_games_data())

# Get team/league/division data in a Python dictionary
teams = json.loads(gd.get_teams_data())

That's all there is to it!



To install this package using pip:

pip install git+


To install this package from source:

git clone
cd blaseball-core-game-data

We suggest creating a virtual environment for the installation, e.g.:

virtualenv vp
source vp/bin/activate

Now build and install the package, and verify that it can be imported as a module:

python build install
python -m blaseball_core_game_data

The Data

Legal Notice

We are obligated to inform end users that, as per Wild Wings v. The Commissioner and the subsequent outcome of the Season 7 Internet Series, this software uses the club name "Wild Wings" exclusively. Furthermore, the software adheres to the following principles:

  • The core data set in blaseball-core-game-data refers to the Mexico City Wild Wings blaseball club exclusively as the "Wild Wings."
  • The core data set has been filtered to remove any references to the "Mild Wings" or "Wexico City."
  • The actions of the Commissioner were unjustified and create an unnecessary need to refactor code, and it's already hard enough having to deal with Unicode, okay?

Game Data

Game data lives here (WARNING: LARGE FILE NOT OPTIMIZED FOR VIEWING!): blaseball_core_game_data/data/game_data_trim.json

Here is the list of keys provided in the game data (there is a list of dictionaries provided, with each of the following keys in each dictionary):

  • id
  • season
  • day
  • awayOdds
  • awayPitcherName
  • awayScore
  • awayTeamEmoji
  • awayTeamName
  • awayTeamNickname
  • homeOdds
  • homePitcherName
  • homeScore
  • homeTeamEmoji
  • homeTeamName
  • homeTeamNickname
  • isPostseason
  • losingTeamName
  • losingTeamNickname
  • losingTeamEmoji
  • losingScore
  • losingOdds
  • losingPitcherName
  • runDiff
  • shame
  • whoWon
  • winningTeamName
  • winningTeamNickname
  • winningTeamEmoji
  • winningScore
  • winningOdds
  • winningPitcherName

For details of where this information comes from, see the Scripts section below.

Team, League, Division Data

NOTE: This only works for teams/leagues/divisions from S1 - S5

NOTE: This file contains Dale rather than Dal\u00e9, for convenience but in contrast to the way the team's name is formatted in most API responses. (Be careful!)

Team, league, and division data lives here: blaseball_core_game_data/data/game_data_trim.json

Contains two keys, divisions and leagues, whose keys are the names of the divisions/leagues, and whose values are the nicknames of the teams in the given division/league.


The script in the scripts folder can be used to update the game data in this package. If you are building it locally, you can update the game data and re-build the package so that it contains the latest and most up-to-date blaseball game data.

To run the script to update the blaseball game data, use this command:

python3 scripts/

This will update the data in blaseball_core_game_data/data/, which will be included with the package when it is prepared for distribution.


A Python module to make it easy to import blaseball game data. Makes importing game data as simple as a one-liner!


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