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An easy(ier) python implementation of the TeamDynamix Rest APIs

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What is this?

A Python wrapper for the TeamDynamix Rest APIs. Currently, the wrapper focuses on tickets, time entry, and people/users, but can be, and should be expanded to include Projects, Assets, etc.

How do I use it in my project?

I'm glad you asked. It's meant to be as simple as possible to use and extend. If you follow the code patterns in the file, you should be able to add new TDX API functionality with ease. To use the library in your project, you need to run pip install EzTDX. Then import it in your application file.

Searching Tickets

from EzTDX import EzTDX

API_URL = ''

WebServicesKey = <Web Services Key>

APP_ID = <Application ID>

if __name__ == '__main__':

    tdx = EzTDX(API_URL, BEID, WebServicesKey, APP_ID)

    tickets = tdx.search_tickets('Directory Update Request', ['New', 'Open', 'Resolved'])

    for ticket in tickets:
        print(f"{ticket['ID']} - {ticket['Title']}")

    ticket = tdx.get_ticket_by_id('10821578')

    print(tdx.update_ticket(6564489,'testing 2', 'Resolved', False))

The BEID, Web Services Key, and Application ID should be stored in a secure manner if possible as they allow a lot of access into the TDX environment via the APIs.

Current Functionality


EzTDX(API_URL, BEID, WebServicesKey, APP_ID, Sandbox)

  • API_URL: TeamDynamix has disallowed connecting to, you'll now need to use the specific URL provided by TDX.
  • BEID, WebServicesKey, and APP_ID: If this is going to be used as part of a UC4 project, these should come from environment variables.
  • Sandbox: Boolean value to point to either the test or production environment. defaults to True so in order to use PROD, you must put False in it's place

Get a single person


  • user_id: The GUID of the user you would like information for.

Returns a dictionary of a single person.

Get groups a person belongs to


  • user_id: The GUID of the user you would like information for.

Returns a list of dictionary objects relating to the groups a person belongs to

Get a Single Ticket


  • ticket_id: Ticket ID of the ticket you want to retrieve

Returns a dictionary of a single ticket.

Get time types


Returns a list of time types

Get single time type


  • time_type_id: ID of the type of time you would like information for

Returns dictionary with information on the type of time you requested.

Get Ticket Description

EzTDX.get_ticket_description(self, ticket_id: str)

  • ticket_id: ID of ticket to get the description of

Returns the description field of the ticket.

Search People

EzTDX.search_people(search_by, max_results)

  • search_by: Searches last name, first name, user name, etc...
  • max_results: Limit search to number of possible matches (default: 10)

Returns a dictionary of person data

Search Tickets

EzTDX.search_tickets(search_str, ticket_status, max_results)

  • search_str: Search string * required
  • ticket_status: List of ticket statuses you want to filter by (ex: ['New', 'Open', 'In Progress']) * defaults to ['New']
  • max_results: How many tickets to be returned. defaults to 5

Returns a list of tickets.

Search time entries

EzTDX.search_time_entries(entry_from_date, entry_to_date, person_ids, max_results)

  • entry_from_date: Start date in 2021-06-02T00:00:00Z format
  • entry_to_date: End date in 2021-06-02T00:00:00Z format
  • person_ids: List of GUIDS to search time entries for defaults to empty list or everyone
  • max_results: How many entries to return defaults to 1000

Returns a list of time entry dictionaries

Update a Ticket

EzTDX.update_ticket(ticket_id, comment, new_status, is_private)

  • ticket_id: ID of ticket to be updated * required
  • comment: Comment to add to the feed * required
  • new_status: Change the status of the ticket defaults to None for no change
  • is_private: Mark the comment as private defaults to False

Returns a success or failure message.


An easy(ier) python implementation of the TeamDynamix Rest APIs

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Python 100.0%