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Community General Collection

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This repo contains the community.general Ansible Collection. The collection includes many modules and plugins supported by Ansible community which are not part of more specialized community collections.

You can find documentation for this collection on the Ansible docs site.

Tested with Ansible

Tested with the current Ansible 2.9 and 2.10 releases and the current development version of Ansible. Ansible versions before 2.9.10 are not supported.

External requirements

Some modules and plugins require external libraries. Please check the requirements for each plugin or module you use in the documentation to find out which requirements are needed.

Included content

Please check the included content on the Ansible Galaxy page for this collection or the documentation on the Ansible docs site.

Using this collection

Before using the General community collection, you need to install the collection with the ansible-galaxy CLI:

ansible-galaxy collection install community.general

You can also include it in a requirements.yml file and install it via ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml using the format:

- name: community.general

See Ansible Using collections for more details.

Contributing to this collection

If you want to develop new content for this collection or improve what is already here, the easiest way to work on the collection is to clone it into one of the configured COLLECTIONS_PATH, and work on it there.

You can find more information in the developer guide for collections, and in the Ansible Community Guide.

Running tests

See here.


We have a dedicated Working Group for Ansible development.

You can find other people interested on the following Freenode IRC channels -

  • #ansible - For general use questions and support.
  • #ansible-devel - For discussions on developer topics and code related to features or bugs.
  • #ansible-community - For discussions on community topics and community meetings.

For more information about communities, meetings and agendas see Community Wiki.

For more information about communication

Publishing New Version

Basic instructions without release branches:

  1. Create changelogs/fragments/<version>.yml with release_summary: section (which must be a string, not a list).
  2. Run antsibull-changelog release --collection-flatmap yes
  3. Make sure CHANGELOG.rst and changelogs/changelog.yaml are added to git, and the deleted fragments have been removed.
  4. Tag the commit with <version>. Push changes and tag to the main repository.

Release notes

See the changelog.


See this issue for information on releasing, versioning and deprecation.

In general, we plan to release a major version every six months, and minor versions every two months. Major versions can contain breaking changes, while minor versions only contain new features and bugfixes.

More information


GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.

See COPYING to see the full text.

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License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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